2019 is here and the fishing has been hot!

Cape Coral, Florida, United States

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Deep sea fishing in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel

All photos from my charters SWFL Bluewater Offshore Charters

Red Grouper


Very common on all trips

excellent on the table

anglers allowed 2 keepers

20 inch minimum 

common sizes 14 to 25inch trophy's over 30 inches 

This fish was well over 20lbs

Gag Grouper


Not as common but seen frequently, trophy's reaching almost 40 inches

The Best on the table

Anglers allowed 2 keepers

24 inch minimum

Not as common as Red grouper but seen frequently. Trophys reaching almost 40 inches.

This fish was just shy of 40 inches

Mangrove Snapper


Very Common ,best at night

Excellent on the Table

Federal waters 10 keepers per angler  part of 10 fish snapper bag limit 12 inch minimum. common sizes 10 to 16 inch trophies over 24 inches can be over 10lbs

This pair are over 5lbs each

Yellowtail Snapper


Very common, better at night on the reefs and wrecks, deeper waters over 100ft most common.

The Best on the table

12 inch minimum part of 10 fish snapper bag limit avg size 10 to 18 inches trophy's push 30 inches

This fish was one inch shy of 30 inches

lane snapper


Exremely common a more shallow species

Excellent on the table 

Allowed 20 per person min we don't keep fish under 10 inches  common 10 to 16 inches with some over 18 inches 



Very common on the deeper trips

Good on the table some say Excellent

allowed one per person over 34 inches

some of these fish can reach over 100lbs common sizes 20 to 40lbs

This fish was in the 70lb range

American Red snapper! Full day required!


For this Captain very Common!! 

Capt Kyle is the Red Snapper King only targeted on full day trips because this species dwells in about 150 to 175ft and deeper.

The best on the Table 

fish range in size but common over 5 lbs to 12lbs with trophies over 20lbs

This fish was well over 20lbs



Common in our waters depending on time of year

avg on the table some say good but fun to catch. can range from 20inche to over 5ft

This fish measured over 60inches

Blackfin Tuna


Not a common catch that we target specifically but we do see plunty of them and when we do they are huge over 20lbs

Great on the table usually seen trolling or while anchored.

This Tuna was over 30lbs 

African pompano


Not a common catch but we do see these mixed with permit on our reefs and wrecks

These are not very big but we caught over 15 that day

Mutton Snapper


Only 5 per person with an 18 inch minimum length. These fish are excellent to eat. Not as common In our waters as some snapper but seen from time to time on the full day trips and night trips. On the 17hr and 24hr trip we will target Muttons down south by the Tortugas

This is a larger Mutton Snapper 

Cubera Snapper


This is a once in a lifetime fish in our Waters on rod and reel. Usually using whole lobster for bait. The Cubera is the largest of all snapper and can reach over 100lbs. This fish was about 65lbs. This fish was caught recently on Bluewater Offshore Charters in Cape coral, Bluewater Offshore Charters in Fort Myers, Bluewater offshore charters in Sanibel



Very common in our waters on any type of reef or wreck. They range from a few pounds  to over 50lbs. A lot of fun on light tackle, drag screaming demons and good to eat. I didn't believe that myself until I tried it once.



Very rare but caught on occasion when running spot to spot. 

This was a 50lb fish 



Depending time of year very common on the reefs and wrecks

These fish enter our waters early summer time and stay til the the end Of summer. Most of the permit in our area are this size and larger. Typical to see Multiple fish in an afternoon or night fish.

Strawberry Grouper


We have so many species of fish this page could go on forever but this is an example of some of the less commonly known but commonly caught species



One of the best eating fish in the sea, very common near shore and deep waters. This fish is Actually known as a Margate and is a deeper water species

Mahi Mahi


In deeper waters and always by floating objects or weed lines will have Mahi Mahi. Tho usually on the smaller side we do see some larger fish from time to time

A large Mahi for our waters. Most are swingers under 5lbs

Goliath Grouper


One of the largest gamefish in our waters. Tho we cannot keep these fish. We can catch and release with the average fish over 100lbs and commonly 250 to 300lbs. Very common offshore, Multiple hook ups in a day.