Amberjack season is open until October 31, 2018

Cape Coral, Florida, United States

Deep sea fishing in Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Bluewater Offshore Charters, A true offshore experience!

About the Captain

With over 20 years offshore experience fishing Southwest Florida, I have the knowledge to put you on the fish. My Goal is to put you on quality catches. I commonly hear on my boat "Wow!" this is the largest Snapper, Grouper, Tuna, Kingfish, I have ever caught. That means more to me and usually to my customers than numbers alone, a memory fish. Although, I have my own goals for fishing , I get more enjoyment now watching others catch a fish of a lifetime. Now offering trips with Bluewater Offshore Charters in Fort Myers and Bluewater Offshore Charters in Sanibel, Bluewater Offshore Charters in Naples.. My goal is not to squeeze every dime out of a trip like other captains, watching the clock, watching my fuel, skimp on bait or tackle. My goal is to come back to the dock and out-fish the other boats by a landslide.. Unfortunately,  by the time we usually get back to the ramp the other boats are long gone but the photos remain... Give me a call and lets talk fishing! Bluewater Offshore Charters with Captain Kyle (239) 284-5567  

My Boat

My boat is Federally permitted to fish in Federal waters beyond the 9 mile mark. Most runs are 30 to 50 miles offshore with the occasional 70 plus mile run for big Red Snapper. My boat is a Glacier Bay Catamaran nearly 30ft in length with 2 motors for safety. Cats give a great ride in the choppy gulf waters, better than a mono hull. After purchasing my boat I upgraded the electronics and comfort items to make the boat ideal. I looked at larger boats but the fuel burn and slow speeds turned me away. This boat can comfortably cruise at 30mph and has more room to fish than most sportfish size vessels. Although not required, I have an 8 man life raft and 2 GPS emergency calling devices for safety, alot of other Captains dont have these items -because its not required... I also pay for Satellite weather so we can be up to date with weather conditions.

Give me a call

Please leave a message and I will return your call. This is not a job for me but my passion. Thank you for your time, 


Capt Kyle Harmon (239) 285-5567